May 31st, 2013

Getting More Out of Your Twitter Account

Twitter is one of the most used social networks and an important part of any social media strategy. But maximizing your Twitter benefit goes way beyond crafting a 140 character message. Here are a few tips to help you get more out of your Twitter account:

Use favorites to help generate followers

It’s no surprise that most Twitter users are looking to boost their followers and over all reach. Search for tweets that mention things you are interested in or relate to your field and favorite them. People tweeting about similar subjects are more likely to decided to follow your account.

Create lists

Twitter’s list function is a great way to keep tweets organized when you are following a lot of users. You can categorize users in a way that is convenient for you and subscribe to lists created by other users. Don’t forget, you also have the option to make lists private.

Check the activity feed

If you like the Facebook News Feed function than the Twitter “activity” feed is right up your ally. It allows you to see how users you follow are using Twitter and can be a great way to find new content and users you’d be interested in.

Use keyboard shortcuts

If you are using Twitter often, keyboard shortcuts are a great way to make your time on Twitter quicker and more efficient. There are more than 20 different short cuts, ranging from favoriting a tweet, jumping to a specific user or taking you back to your home page. (A full list of Twitter keyboard shortcuts can be found under the Gear Icon.)

Customize trends

Twitter trends allow you to keep up with what people are talking about. You have the option to change the trends list so you can see whats trending around the world, locally or even within a specific topic range. This allows you to capitalize on trending topics within an industry or location.

Advanced searches

If you are having trouble finding something of specific interest you in the Twitter standard search try using the advanced search. Advanced searches allow you to find specific tweets within a location, for exact phrases, or even by the tweet’s sentiment.

Create a user widget

As a company, a user widget can be super handy. Create a user widget that will go on your website that will displace a live feed of your tweets. User widgets are easy to setup (find it under the Gear Icon) and you can customize how it looks so it’s personalized for your website. You can also set up the widget so if displays tweets from your favorite Twitter users.

Archiving your tweets

Since late 2012, Twitter has had the option to create a downloadable archive of your tweets. In addition to the tweets themselves, the archive works as an analytics tool. You get a searchable HTML file, complete graphs your activity. The archive is a useful tool for analyzing your Twitter activity, what has been successful and how you want to move forward with your Twitter strategy. (The archive option is located under the Gear Icon.)

Use a social media management platform

A social media management platform, such as TweetDeck and Hootsuite, can be a useful tool. Management platforms can help you keep tweets organized, make it easier to quickly find what is relevant to you and allow you to schedule tweets automatically. If you will be on vacation or don’t like the pressure of writing posts throughout the day, management platforms allow you to easily pre-write and schedule a whole week’s worth of tweets all at once. If you often pre-write and schedule your post, don’t forget to still keep tabs on what is trending or who you’re interacting with on Twitter.

December 26th, 2013 4:31 am
You have shed a ray of sunshine onto the web. Thanks!
December 26th, 2013 2:02 am
Ah yes, nicely put, evyeoenr.
December 10th, 2013 2:24 am
An inegllietnt point of view, well expressed! Thanks!
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