November 21st, 2014

Web Design Trends to Look For in 2015

With 2014 coming to a close, it’s time to look ahead at the coming year.  While we see plenty of trends come and go, a handful of the past year’s web design trends will carry over into the new year ­— such as responsive and flat design. In addition to the maturing of some of the trends we discussed in last year’s design predictions, we think you’ll be seeing a few new trends as well. Here are our top web design trends predicted for 2015:

  • Video and Background Images

    More and more companies are now using videos and big, beautiful images to help communicate with their customers instead of relying on text and smaller imagery.  While videos could be considered disruptive, if done well, it can be a great form for displaying content and interacting with your website’s visitors. The use of videos and backgrounds can be both practical towards your website’s usability while also adding to the site’s aesthetics.

    One example using this technique to its advantage is the promotional website of Ang Lee’s Oscar winning movie “Life of Pi”. The website's use of video adds emotion and showcases key scenes from the film.

  • Flexibility with Typography

    Traditionally web-based type kits have been expensive, which has limited the use of beautiful fonts and typefaces to only those who are will to pay for it. However, type kits are becoming more affordable, or free, giving designers a wider range of type faces to work with.

    Websites using typography well include La Wine Agency and The Design Files Open House, both of which use type face to help create an aesthetic that distinguishes their websites from their competitors.

  • Infographics

    Infographics are more than a fun way to display information. A brilliantly constructed infographic can engage visitors, draw attention to important information or make complex information more understandable. Additionally, webgraphics, much like infographics, are user-friendly, visually appealing and can help increase user retention.

    One website killing it on the infographic front is Amazee Labs, a web consulting firm that uses info-driven graphics to connect to clients.

  • Clean Icons

    Similar to the flat design used in Apple’s iOS 7 in 2013, clean icons create a clean, elegant interface. While other design trends are short lived, minimalism has become a web design staple. Minimal, clean icons can make it easy for visitors navigating your website.

    One website using clean icons well is, an online learning company providing video tutorials to learn software, technology, creative and business skills. Their use of clean icons increases usability throughout the site.

  • Card Design

    Card Design, which you may recognize from the popular social media site Pinterest, has come a long way over the past five years. Modular design gives websites both a simple user-friendly design that offers more versatility than other design features.

    Blind, an adverting agency, uses modular design to beautifully display client work and services, making the website clean and easy to navigate.

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