July 15th, 2014

Hello World Design Goes Green

Hello World Design is Green Certified Sustainable

At Hello World Design, we're stepping up our efforts to lower our carbon footprint and offer greener, environmentally friendly Web hosting services to our clients. Designing and hosting websites, just like any other business, can generate an outstanding amount of carbon dioxide. That is why we decided to do our part to neutralize our emissions. Through recent efforts, Hello World Design has earned the official status of a Green Certified Web Site by greencertifiedweb.org, an international advocate for green business standards.

We started by conserving the resources we use, which is considered to be one of the most effective ways to lower your carbon emissions. For Hello World Design, this included taking such steps as turning off lights and using compact fluorescent or LED lighting; recycling plastics, electronic equipment and biodegradable materials; and going completely paperless. In addition to taking steps to reduce and conserve the resources we use in-office, we've made smarter, eco-conscience energy choices, such as using renewable energy sources when possible, purchasing Renewable Energy Credits and investing in Emission Reduction Credits, also known as "carbon offsets", to neutralize any remaining emissions.

Renewable Energy Credits and Emission Reduction Credits allow a company to take account for its energy usage. A business can either purchase energy that supports renewable energy projects or is supplied by a renewable energy source, such as solar- or wind-generated energy. Remaining energy used is neutralized with carbon offsets, the act of purchasing a credit representing a metric ton of carbon dioxide reductions to cancel out your own greenhouse gas output.

Hello World Design isn't just looking to neutralize our own emissions, but also those of our visitors. Coming soon, we will neutralize all energy spent by the computers used to visit our website and back this emissions neutralization with a Certification of Carbon Neutralization.

For more information on the steps we've taken to become a carbon-neutral website, check out our official Green Certified Web Site certificate.

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